You can be armed with the most eloquently produced oral pitch, CV and bucketloads of experience, but your gestures and posture etc. can still let you down at the crucial moment. In fact, you are actually saying more with your body than with words, according to Albert Mehrabian from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), who claims that 55% of the messages the brain receives come from a person’s body language. Self-reflection, and seeking advice from someone else, could help you notice errors you’re making that maybe you struggled to notice previously.

The one-day pre placement session on “Body language and Interview skills” held at Institute of science and management, Pundag, Ranchi was organised to meet the challenges that the students usually face during their placement period by our personality development trainer. Our program manager gave an inspirational talk to motivate the students about the corporate world and boosted them towards having the proper ethics and etiquettes in corporates and also inside college premises. The event was blessed by the presence of the Joint Secretary and the entire faculty team which also enjoyed and participated actively throughout the session.

Preparing good answers for common interview questions is a great way to appear qualified and confident. For most interviews, it is crucial to get the message across to the interviewer that you are trustworthy and fully capable of doing the job. However, what you say during a job interview will comprise only part of your message. The rest will come from your body language. Thus, body language and interview skills become one of the most important life hacks to be taught these days

The one-day session on “Body language and interview skills” was held at Government women’s polytechnic college, Ranchi. This session revolved around remembering a few things about effective body language that can help you communicate a positive message to your interviewer. The session was led by our soft skill trainer where she covered topics on interview hacks and ways to maintain a positive body language. We launched a six-month Campus Ambassador Programme which will provide immense practical knowledge about inbound sales and marketing. The session was rapped up by our Program Manager who gave an inspirational talk on “College to Corporate” in the presence of Prof S.K Mahato, Dean-in-charge of the college, who also blessed us with his precious time and experience.

We at Antahdrishti organized a inter district quiz competition on the topic “Women law empowerment” in which more than 12 institutions, 32 students participated and bagged away the prizes. The event was hosted with a vision of uplifting the mentality of the society about women law and their success in daily lives. This event was supported by the whole team of Antahdrishti. The first prize was bagged by Gossner College, Ranchi following them on second and third position were Marwari College, Ranchi and Ranchi Womens college respectively. The quiz was greatly enjoyed by the participants and it helped them update their general knowledge about recent women achievements and laws.

We at Antahdrishti personally believe that every female should have a minimum extent of education in law which will boost their inner strength, make them more confident and more secure and this believe made us organize the first ever free session on “Women Law Empowerment” to empower females by making them aware and educated about their legal rights and responsibility. In this session, the participants were enlightened on Women law enforcement, women rights which was backed by a 30 mins Q&A round where they cleared their queries with Mr. Suraj Singh, Senior Lawyer, Ranchi Bar Association. The presence of Respected Dr. Pawan Kr Barnwal acted as a catalyst to the success of the session. The One-day session was parallelly linked with the Inter District Quiz Contest where several young minds participated and bagged away many exciting prizes and shields.