The statistic approach of Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Sanford Research Centre elaborates that more than 85% of job success depends on having impressive soft skills and only 15% comes from hard skills or technical skills. Now more than ever, the need of the hours is to have impressive soft skills. Whether you are looking for a secure employment in multinational companies or you need to operate a business that has global clients, you need to consider the soft skill on your priority. We at ANTAHDRISHTI enlist general and professional soft skills experts to guide and teach students how to develop impressive social, communication, and emotional skills. We work on students´┐Ż character traits and social intelligence
We also provide corporate training sand employee enhancement solutions. Every Corporate need not only a good infrastructure but also a smart set of people who represent the organization and are the face of the company. Managers, supervisors and employees, everybody needs to have a face lift. one of the biggest brands in Jharkhand in Image Management and Soft Skills Training field. While on one hand Antahdrishti offers courses for people to become Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers for self-employment, employment and enhancement of existing job or business, on the other hand it offers Image Consulting and Soft Skills training solutions to individuals and companies through its Trainers.

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